To:                   Our Tenants

Date:               March 20th, 2020

At the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and Infinity Property Services as Property Management Agency, our priority is the health and well-being of our citizens, families and communities throughout the province.

Therefore, as part of the effort to reduce the likelihood of workplace or community transmission of COVID-19, the MNO has directed all employees to work remotely between March 16 – April 3, 2020.

As our valued client, please keep the following instructions in mind over the next few weeks:

Our office will continue working for you and your family

  1. MNO/IPS staff will continue running our business remotely and attending all inquiries as usual via phone and email
  2. Please reach out during business hours to your Property Administrator if you have any questions or concerns. If not available to pick up the phone, please leave a detailed voice message, and they will return your call as soon as possible
  3. Our after-hours line will continue working as usual. Please use this line for emergencies only: 1-800-891-5882
  4. Do not contact a contractor directly if an emergency comes up
  5. No urgent concerns can be directed to Your inquiry will be processed as soon as possible
  6. Please check updates at our websites to be informed /

Attention to repairs

  1. To minimize your and families’ exposure, we have suspended all non-essential visits and inspections
  2. Only life and safety issues will be addressed until new notice
  3. For any outstanding issues addressed before March 16, our Property Administrators will be working with you to coordinate further steps

Rent payment

  1. We understand there have been some concerns regarding the current situation and we will work together to resolve any questions you might have to ensure our tenant’s safety
  2. Tenants are responsible for their rent payments, if a tenant is experiencing financial hardship, whether, by reduced hours or loss of income, they must provide a copy of their Record of Employment (ROE) and confirmation they have applied for Employment Insurance (EI)
  3. Should their EI application be denied or they do not qualify, it is recommended they apply for Ontario Works (OW) or the Emergency Care Benefit administered through the Canadian Revenue Agency
  4. We encourage our tenants to connect with EI, OW, or the Emergency Care Benefit programs as soon as possible to explore options available and acquire funds for monthly rent

Options to pay your rent

  1. Tenants who have provided posted dated cheques, we will continue to process no different than any other month
  2. Tenants who mail payments via money order or cheques, be aware that mail services have reduced producing mail delays. We encourage you to send monthly rent monies earlier in anticipation of unforeseen mail delays
  3. For your convenience, please find here a copy of the Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP) form to set up auto-withdrawal for your monthly rent. Please send the completed and signed form to or fax it to 1-807-626-9030
  4. To set up PAP, a completed and signed form must be received ten days before the start of the month.

Moving outs

  1. For moving outs, we will process it as usual. 60-day written notice is required, please contact your Property Administrator for more details

We appreciate your cooperation during these uncertain times.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Property Administrators if you have any questions

Not receiving our emails notifications yet? No problem! If you are a tenant and want to stay up to date with all our communications, please email your name, address and email to